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Not that many people, including myself, can afford to buy a home without getting a home loan or a mortgage. A Texas home loan is where you borrow money from either a mortgage company, in the form of mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and credit unions who charge you interest to borrow the money.

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Before you start looking at homes to buy, verify with a mortgage broker in Texas to see how much you will be able to get a loan for so you don't waste time looking at homes that may be too pricey for you. Important factors in determining how much you can borrow includes personal credit rating and scores, financial history, job salary and amount available to use as a down payment.

Our free service saves consumers money and time by automatically having mortgage companies in Texas contact you and compete against one another for your business. Be sure to determine interest rates offered to you, points you must pay to reduce the interest rate, origination fees, and other fees that are on the good faith estimate.

Note that one mortgage company may offer you lower interst rates but charge more points than another company. By charging you more points, you must pay more at closing but are able to pay less on a monthly basis. Both options can be good depending on you and your family's situtation. For those who plan to stay in their homes for less than 3-5 years, there is no need to pay points to reduce the interest rate. For families planning to stay in their homes long term, it may be a good idea paying a point to knock the interest rate .5% lower.

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Texas interest only mortgages help minimize the monthly mortgage payment.